Do you have a movie character that you love or that depicts your personality? Is it something that you want in a tattoo? If so, Fabian at Supreme Custom Tattoo will make you a personalized piece just like what you’re wanting.

  1. Ghostface in Popular Culture:

    • Scream Franchise: “Ghostface” is the iconic disguise worn by the primary antagonist in the Scream horror movie franchise created by Wes Craven. The mask features a distorted, elongated ghost face with a black hood and robe. The character is known for making phone calls and terrorizing the victims with horror movie trivia before attacking.
  2. Ghost Face in General:

    • General Description: Outside of the Scream franchise, a “ghost face” is a more generic term that could refer to the appearance of a ghost or spirit. It typically implies a spectral, ethereal visage with a pale or transparent quality. The image of a ghost face is often associated with paranormal activity and is a common motif in Halloween decorations and horror-themed media.

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