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Supreme Custom Tattoo Studio is the tattoo shop for you.  Are you looking for a realistic tattoo?  Fine line tattoos?  Piercings?  Our expert team is right here in Palm Coast Florida.

Realistic Portrait Tattoos

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About Realistic Portrait Tattoo Artist


Fabian is a realistic tattoo artist. He is exceptionally talented in creating tattoos with 3D effects and shading for realism tattoos.
Art has been Fabian’s passion since he was a child. He felt the progression to permanent art was natural.  Fabian has been creatively tattooing since 2004 and has completed 1000’s of pieces.  Realistic tattoos by Fabian are loved and adored by his clients.

Realistic Tattoos are his passion.  If you want a realistic tattoo like an animal portrait tattoos, dog portrait tattoos or black & grey portrait tattoos, Fabian is your tattoo artist.

Fabian has exceptional skills with flower tattoos, hibiscus flower tattoos, lotus flower tattoos and nature tattoos.  Fabians tattooing expertise includes tattoo lettering, tattoo symbols, tattoos of statues and tattoo memorial pieces. As you can see, Fabian is the right choice for realistic tattoos.

About Piercing Specialist


Whether you’re a piercing enthusiast or a first-timer exploring self-expression with piercings, Kristen is the best choice. Kristen offers a diverse range of piercing options to choose from. Choose from classic earlobe piercings to more adventurous placements like septum, helix, or even dermal piercings. Kristen can turn your body into a canvas of individuality.

With Kristen, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. She uses sterilized equipment & maintains a clean and hygienic environment. Kristen prioritizes the well-being of her clients above all else. This is why Kristen is the best choice for piercings.